Read What People are Saying About Sanity School® and it’s Founders, Elaine & Diane.

Nothing speaks better for Sanity School® than the success stories from people who have experienced it. We feel immensely privileged that so many parents have taken the time to write to us and tell us how they’re getting on. We couldn’t be happier that Sanity School® continues to change people’s lives!

"It’s only been a few weeks and Sanity School® has already been helpful! I've finished the first 2 modules, benefited from 2 group coaching calls, and I'm planning to spend some time exploring the Forum. What I like most about your program is the focus on the positive -- both in the way that we treat our child and ourselves. It's really helped me change my thinking about my child's special needs, and to see them as a gift rather than a disability. Now I want to get my husband to listen to Module 2! Fingers crossed :)"

— Marni P., MD

“Finding Elaine and Diane has changed my family’s life. Since finishing the Sanity School® sessions, my 13 year old daughter has not had any missing homework and her grades have gone up. I thought I was going through this course to help her, but really I am the one it helped the most. I had lots of information, before, but Sanity School® helped me fit it together to make it work. I think more about what I say and do when interacting with her. Our home is much more calm, and we are much closer now than ever before. Her teacher has even commented on much she has grown over the last 2 months, and thanked me for what I have been doing with her at home!”

— Kerilyn M, Two Rivers, WI

“Our recommendation to partner with Elaine and Diane at ImpactParents couldn’t be stronger. We have gained confidence in parenting and advocating, learned real-life tools for handling challenging situations, road blocks and melt downs, and have acquired a Success! “upgrade” to our parenting style – not only do we provide love and support as we did in the past, but now it is tailored to how our son can process it in his mind.”

— Tabora B and Glenn B

“I was pretty lost and hopeless about my daughter, my family and our future, until I found ImpactParents. Elaine and Diane have given me so many tools to help manage the ups & downs of raising a child with ADD, but more importantly they have taught me to be a more confident, compassionate (and tolerant) Mom to a child whose needs are far from simple. I know that I feel better, and more importantly, through their coaching, they have assured that my daughter will have a bright future, all the while being EXACTLY who she was meant to be! Thanks you two!!”

— JeanMarie, Washington

“Sanity school is good! For me it is a refresher (always needed) from the PSS calls from last year. I especially love hearing about successes of what works for motivating and helping our kids progress forward. I get lots of AHA moments. The calls keep me in tune to what is really happening in our family – is someone tired, stressed, hungry, anxious, happy etc. Then I can adjust how I respond in the moment; or, if it’s me having a moment, I can take a time out for myself.”

— Marian S, GA

“I know families don’t think they have time to participate in Sanity School®. I thought that too, until I listened to one of ImpactParents’ webinars and realized that I didn’t have time to put off getting this kind of help. It took a shift in my thinking to make this happen. After the program, I am so glad I made the time.”

— Nanette P, WA

“I was hesitant to enroll in Sanity School® because none of my children have ADHD, but I enjoyed it. The more I read, the more similarities I found between the issues of ADHD and the issues I have with my daughter’s anxiety. It was exciting to listen every week and hear so many situations and suggestions that could help with the issues in my world. Thanks for addressing the “less popular” diagnosis, so common now–especially with our teenage daughters.”

— Sallie F, GA

“Sanity School® has already helped with my anger towards my child. It has also helped with my child’s homework habits.”

— KeriLyn M

“Sanity School® was great, and I love the Parenting Lifeline calls. I learn best by doing, and sort of need someone to walk me through all these things.”

— Hannah F

“Sanity School® helped me prioritize self-care, which helps me view parenting as less of a constant burden. The process of using the Parenting Action Model, Taking Aim through Rinse and Repeat, has helped me stay focused with the several teams that deal with our family, rather than feeling as though I am constantly reacting to the latest crisis.”

— Maryann D

“Sanity School® really opened my eyes to what my boys go through each day. I feel less angry at the situation and more able to deal with it.”

— Allison M

“The things I learned in Sanity School®, like managing the triggers and talking calmly, has really helped control the chaos in our home.”

— Emily P

“Sanity School® gave me a good foundation for how I can work better to manage our family unit. I hope to listen again, and that my husband can join me!”

— Heather S

“Sanity School® has helped me be calmer; and knowing that is key.”

— Uta L

“Sanity School® will help us build a plan and focus. It also helps us know we aren’t alone.”

— Paul A

“Sanity School® has helped me continue to be a positive parent while helping my daughter to be her best self. I’m learning to motivate her to take care of her schoolwork in a calm way.”

— Lori E

“Sanity School® will most help me/my family because I will be more prepared and confident in handling each situation as it arises.”

— Sara C

“Thanks to Sanity School®, I will quit pushing for my unrealistic expectations, because I now have a different outlook. This will, in turn, reduce the stress in the home, making it a happier and healthier place to grow up.”

— Johnna H

“Sanity School® has helped me be calmer; and knowing that is key.”

— Uta L

“I loved, loved, loved this course. After more than 8 years struggling to find out how to help & manage my child…I finally feel like I’m on to something. We’re talking and working together better now than we EVER had before. I thought the information in the classes was vital in a broad way. I’m not creative enough or used to thinking in ways to develop the tasks/skills needed to actually CHANGE the behavior. In some ways, I feel like my next move is to discuss specifics on what we have issues with, and what techniques to try to change the situations.”

— Diana B – Laguna Beach, CA

“To be a parent is hard work, but to have a child that needs so much help is a different thing. You need to read, learn, and educate yourself. Sanity School® has definitely given me more tools and tricks that help me understand and help my daughter and her actions. Thank you!”

— Emma R – South Miami, FL

“I feel incredibly loyal to ImpactParents because your website has provided me with lots of helpful information in just the right size chunks that can be accessed at any time. As far as Sanity School® goes, (a) You made it easy to get to class. You had wonderful reminders, multiple options, and even gave us an extension. (b) I loved the exercises.”

— Bonnie J – British Colombia

“I heard you talk at my child’s school and I could relate and identify with everything you said about these complex kids with ADHD! I signed up for your Sanity School® and have attended every session. I have studied your workbook, read your article links and really tried to adopt the new principles of taking aim on specific issues. Things have improved! As you say, this is a marathon. I appreciate all that you’ve done for my family thus far.”

— Allison M, GA

“Sanity School®…working on the tone of our home. I have to say that things are feeling good. When we have things picked up in each room and the clutter piles are getting smaller, the entire house feels calmer and so do we.”

— Nan P

“Sanity School® …..was just what I needed and made a big difference for my family. The webinar approach is easy – the recorded tapes are convenient for catch up/make ups, and the format is clear and easy to follow. Sharing with other families experiencing the same daily frustrations gave me both comfort and confidence that I’m not alone or defeated. My house is calmer and the insane times are not so explosive.”

— Lori D

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