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Dear concerned parent,

If you have a kid with complex issue, then we’re sure the word ‘chaos’ is familiar to you. If you’re honest, on bad days, it barely scratches the surface! You may not even be able to remember the last time you felt truly relaxed or calm.

We are Elaine and Diane, parent coaches and founders of the award winning ImpactADHD.

We’ve been through a LOT — with 6 children between our two families who have ADHD and a range of related issues.

Life is strange. What was once the bane of our existence, just a few years ago, has become our purpose in life now — and the foundation for our life’s work! You see, we discovered a few things… about ourselves, about our kids, and a whole lot about how to raise all kinds of complex kids!

We are walking proof that a life of chaos can become a life of (mostly!) calm, with just a few little-known strategies.

We believe that everything happens for a reason. You made it to this page, today, and we see that as a sign that you are meant to take the next steps on your journey – taking you From Chaos to Calm.

We hope you’ll let us be your guide! Get started with instant access to life-changing tips and strategies that can help even the most maxed out parents reduce your stress with our FREE tip sheet, “10 Tips for Calm and Confident Parenting of Complex Kids.” Find out more about how we help parents stop the madness, and reclaim your sanity!

From parent to parent with love,


Elaine & Diane

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