“Why can’t my kid just (fill in the blank)?!?”

✓ Get out of bed in the morning

✓ Get his/her homework done

✓ Listen to me

✓ Stop talking back

✓ Get out the door on time

If you’ve had these thoughts,

we’re about to save you hours of frustration.

In this FREE insider’s guide from the experts at ImpactADHD® you are going to discover how parents from all over the world are motivating their children to respond to their requests without meltdowns, tantrums or pushback.

If you have a complex child, no doubt you’ve experienced the challenge and frustration of trying to get them motivated.

Perhaps they are “quirky” or “complicated,” they may or may not have a diagnosis (or few), and they seem to march through life to the beat of their own drum.

Whether they struggle with organization, emotional regulation, social issues or more (or all), life for them just feels like it’s often more complicated than it is for others.

If that’s your kid, then this guide is for you.


Inside you’ll find:

✓  The #1 reason your child struggles with motivation (hint: it’s not because they’re lazy, inconsiderate, or disrespectful)

✓  Our 3 Step Process for motivating your complex child

✓  Our tried and true Get Started Guide

✓  Printable Quick Tips for Mastering Motivation  


Get your FREE Guide to Motivate your Complex Kid NOW

We’re Diane Dempster & Elaine Taylor-Klaus,

the co-founders of IMPACTADHD® and creators of the award-winning Sanity School™ parent management training program for parents.

As the mothers of 6 complex kids between us, we saw that there was a critical need for training, coaching and support for parents. We co-founded ImpactADHD® in 2011 to meet those needs, starting with the ADHD community and expanding quickly to support parents of children with a wide range of complex challenges.

Our mission is to make excellent resources accessible and affordable for parents -- offering effective strategies that work in the real-life world of parenting complex kids!

We created the IMPACT Parent’s Guide to Motivating Your Complex Kid because parents frequently ask us, “How can I motivate my child to (fill in the blank)?”

No matter what you want to help your child accomplish, motivation is a key ingredient to success -- and to be honest, it’s not as hard as it sounds. Finding motivation is actually something we can teach you to do! And more importantly, something you’ll be able to teach your kids to do for themselves.

That’s the goal for long-term success for complex kids, after all: empowering them to take ownership of their lives and reach for their own success. And helping them understand and use motivation is key to that success.


Get your FREE Guide to Motivate your Complex Kid NOW

“Since finishing the Sanity School™ for Teacher lessons, my 13 year old daughter has not had any missing homework and her grades have gone up. I thought I was going through this course to help her, but really I am the one it helped the most. I had lots of information, before, but Sanity School™ helped me fit it together to make it work. I think more about what I say and do when interacting with her. Our home is much more calm, and we are much closer now than ever before. Her teacher has even commented on much she has grown over the last 2 months, and thanked me for what I have been doing with her at home!”

Kerilyn M, Two Rivers, WI

“Thank you ImpactADHD®! My daughter thanks you… my kid gets to focus on being a kid again. You guys have made such a difference in our lives and empowered our parenting. Thank you ImpactADHD for empowering me so that I can empower my superstar! You are amazing!”

— Michelle S, Nebraska

“I have found that your program works well, across the board, for emotional issues.  One of my sons does not have ADHD, and I use several "techniques" that I have learned from the ebook with him---which has worked spectacularly, by the way.”

—  Tami M, MA

“Our recommendation to partner with Elaine and Diane at Impact ADHD couldn’t be stronger. We have gained confidence in parenting and advocating, learned real-life tools for handling challenging situations, road blocks and melt downs, and have acquired a Success!

— Tabora B and Glenn B

“ImpactADHD® has been absolutely life-changing for both my family and myself.” 

— Cynthia C., United Kingdom

ImpactADHD® fits our needs above and beyond what I could have ever imagined! Without it, I don’t know where we would be now.”

— Jennifer B, Georgia


Get your FREE Guide to Motivate your Complex Kid NOW

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